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You Are Here: Main Section - Vineyard Gallery 2008
Vineyard Gallery 2008
Vineyard Gallery 2008
Holmfirth Vineyard, is situated in the beautiful setting of the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire.

Holmfirth vineyard was planted in April 2008, 7000 vines were planted all by hand on 7 acres of land at Woodhouse Farm.  The farm was previously a sheep farm but the new owners, wanted to try something new, exciting and challenging and so embarked on a whole new adventure of vine growing and wine making.


Since the first planting in early 2008 steady progress has been made on the vineyard and the vines have started to flourish in the rich soil of the Yorkshire hill side. The first grapes are set for picking in 2010, with wine prodution starting in the winery shortly after, it is hoped that the new winery will be built during 2009.


Below are a selection of photoís showing the progress and development of the vineyard from its conception and the planting of the first 7000 vines.
February 2008 The Start
Holmfirth Vineyard Start  Bec Feb 2008
Planting First of 4 Fields 2008, Green Tech Supplied Eco Tubes and Canes
The first row of vines  Vine Planting Mark and Mike
Woody the vineyards latest member of staff helping with the Eco Tubes
Vineyards first stage   Woody helping with eco tubes
Summer 2008 7000 Vine planted in 4 Fields
Vineyard Planted summer 2008  Holmfirth Vineyard end of May 2008
Vines starting to grow early summer 2008
First Vine Growth Summer 2008  Close up of vine leaf in the rain of the summer 2008
Posting the rows Summer 2008
Ian and Mark Posting summer 2008  Posting Solaris field 2008
Top Of the Vineyard Late summer 2008
Solaris field late summer, top of Holmfirth Vineyard  Late summer Vine and eco tube
The sun going down at the end of summer 2008 in the vineyard
End of summer 2008  Last days of summer 2008
Winter in the vineyard 2008 and into 2009
Winter top of the vineyard 2008  winter 2008
Start of 2009, Views from the top Solaris field in the vineyard looking towards Holme Moss
Winter year start of 2009 looking towards Holme Moss  Holme Moss early 2009 winter view standing in the vineyard
January into February 2009, Fields covered with winter snow, but we have already had to prune back all 7000 vines ready for new growth in summer 2009
Snow fall in January 2009, vineayrd just before pruning starts  Field pruned back in Febraury 2009 ready for summer 2009 growth
Looking at the vineyard from the Kirklees Way.
vineyard from Kirklees way  Gliding over the vineyard


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