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Exhibiting Art
Exhibiting Art Holmfirth Vineyard is proud to support our local artists. We're currently exhibiting a selection of pieces from Ross Moore and Emma Oughtibridge that are available to purchase on site. We also have some wall space available for anyone else with to exhibit with us. Get in touch.

Emma Oughtibridge

After completing a Fine Art degree, Emma graduated from Brighton University as an Art & Design tutor in 2000 She has exhibited widely, though also sells work privately. Emma set up he studio in Homfirth in 2005. She is principally an abstract painter, inspired by the feelings of colours:

"I love the contrast of direct mark with the evocative nature of floating forms. I also approach still life and landscape starting points through the vibrancy and energy of paint. [...] There is a constant struggle within each piece to bring balance: paintings run away with themselves into areas of complexity and simplicity."

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