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Media Gallery
Media Gallery

BBC Country File July 2010
Holmfirth Vineyard was paid a visit by BBC Country File, Ellie Harrison joined Ian to chat about the vineyards progress and help plant new vines in the Vineyard.

bbc country file ellie harrison holmfirth vineyard

CHANNEL 5 TV Programme Date 15/06/09
Build a New Life in the Country series starts again on 15th June @ 9pm on Channel 5, with Holmfirth Vineyard as the first in its popular series.
Follow the begining and development of Bec & Ian's Yorkshire adventure from Spring 2008 to spring 2009 restoring their Grade II listed farmhouse and planting 7000 vines by hand to create Holmfirth Vineyard.he yr

Daragh Corcoran sets up his Radio Equipment in our Lounge 15/06/2009
Radio Leeds ventured to the Holme valley to do two 10 mintes interviews with Becky & Ian.
Ian and Woody took Daragh around the vineyard on a mini tour to show him how well the vines were growing in the beautiful Yorkshire sunshine, which was aired at 07.40am, then at 08.20am Daragh talked to Becky about life after Formula One.. Daragh sampled some of the samples white wine on offer and is hopefully coming back for some more!
Daragh setting up

On the 10th March 2009 Ian and Becky, the owners of Holmfirth Vineyard were invited by Graham Livers and his BBC Radio team for an interview to discuss the new business venture of Holmfirth Vineyard.

As well as Graham interviewing, Jimmy Osmond made a surprise visit to the studio and added his own questions to the interview, which were found to be most entertaining.

The whole vineyard interview with Graham Livers and Jimmy Osmond as host will follow soon on the Holmfirth Vineyard website.

Both Ian and Becky would like to thank the whole team at BBC Radio Leeds for the kind invitation and hospitality.
Graham Livers meets Ian and Becky for the first time.
Graham Livers BBC Radio Leeds
Jimmy Osmond Meets Becky and Ian for a quick studio chat, BBC Radio Leeds. Click to enlarge
Jimmy Osmond interviews Ian and Becky
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